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Writing it down – the most important element of becoming an insight-driven organisation

Digital has changed the game for many businesses. The most drastic examples are the ones that are no longer with…

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The challenge of owning moments

New channels and the availability of customer level data in real time make the possibility of delivering targeted messages more tangible than ever. It is now possible for brands to run their entire communications in a data- driven fashion.

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Digital is no longer a channel, it is a fundamental part of your operations

The rapid evolution of digital and data technologies has completely changed the expectations that your customer has of your business and your industry. Customers now expect a personalized and targeted experiences reflecting not only the relationship with the brand, but also the context of the specific touch-points. At the same time, the barriers to switching to “disruptive” competitors are lower than ever.

This is an opportunity as much as it is a threat. The businesses that are able to harness both digital and data can deliver a customer experience that is five to ten years ahead of the competition. To achieve this, businesses must stop treating customer experience as a function of marketing and commit to digital transformation across all parts of the organisation.

Channel + Content
Data + Analytics

The goal of digital transformation is 3R: a truly customer centric aspiration.

Your prospects and customers are bombarded with commercial messages through email, online advertising, mobile, social media or direct mail. Because of this channel proliferation, your average customer – and prospect – endures inconsistent messages and disparate value propositions.The 3R approach is your opportunity to cut through the clutter and noise to change the transactional approach to relationship marketing.

Channel + Content

Today, the ideal customer experience feels like an interaction with a trusted advisor delivering the right content via the right channel at precisely the right time: a customer experience where every interaction, regardless of channel, delivers astoundingly timely and relevant content.

Multi-channel targeted content delivery requires a substantial library of content. This content needs to be first collected or generated, and then managed effectively.

Thinking through the customer engagement strategy across the Customer Decision Journey lens allows planning of what is the right customer experience / the right content for the right customer at the right time.

Data + Analytics

Every customer interaction – digital or physical, e.g. from a page visit to a Facebook like or a newsletter signup – generates a piece of data. A typical starting point is compiling many isolated data sources into a pragmatic 360˚ Customer View. The 360˚ Customer View is used to generate segmentations and propensity algorithms as well as to calculate Customer Lifetime Values.

These algorithms are then plugged into the content library across all channels to provide truly targeted customer experiences.

A 360˚ view should be built iteratively to shorten timeframes, increase learnings and minimise the time in which investments bring commercial returns.


Long gone are the days when any enterprise-grade technology required multi-million dollar investments. The migration of enterprise to the cloud (via Platform-as-a-Service) enables new and exciting technologies to be tested and implemented with minimal cost and little or no commitment. A new system can now be implemented, integrated, tested and removed in a very short time period and with a low cost.

Cloud computing enables data-driven transformation with minimal budgets and an implementation timeline that can see step-change improvements in days, not months.


Without organisation-wide adoption and advocacy, the 3R is impossible. The goal of running tens, if not hundreds, of marketing tests every week can only be achieved with the complete organisation support.

As a rule of thumb, 70% of all your tests should fail. That’s right – fail. Otherwise, your ideas are too conservative (why would you test something if you know it will work?) and your results will be equally conservative. Risk aversion is the biggest obstacle most organisations face. A failed test doesn’t mean losing money – it indicates simply lack of results or improvement. Failing in digital is cheap!

Multi-channel marketing campaigns will require multiple departments to work together – organisational silos are therefore not an option. An efficient 3R brand enables key individuals from all departments to work together, leveraging agile philosophy and visual management to move forward fast, in a startup-like manner.

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