We are building a very special company. And creating a new generation of knowledge workers.

In January 2014, after a lot of thinking and soul searching, I decided to quit McKinsey & Company – a place that I loved – where, for the past 5 years, I focused mainly on serving clients on Digital and Big Data topics. I believed in the principles that governed the Firm, but I also felt very strongly that driving impact at my clients’ has to go further than creating strategies – I wanted to implement them as well.

I wanted my team members to be not only world-class problem solvers, but also world-class tech people – able to create digital and big data strategies, able to produce creative marketing campaigns and able to put them in place across all channels available, using creative combinations of technologies.

I wanted to work in an environment where risk taking was not frowned upon, but rewarded, a place where knowledge of SQL and HTML would be as common as knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel.

So I created Harris Partners – a technology studio that is a hybrid between a strategic consulting company, an advertising agency and a technology company. Think: McKinsey meets Google.

At Harris Partners we believe in two things: driving impact for our clients by leveraging the latest advancements in technology and data, and investing in our people – creating great and exciting opportunities for them to become digital leaders globally.

Are you as excited about the digital, big data, technologies and driving client impact as we are?

If so – drop us a line!


My very best regards,

Kuba Tymula
CEO & Managing Director