Harris Partners helps you through the digital transformation

We provide deep experience in both developing the transformation strategy with the C-Level view, and in executing it: providing technical expertise required to build and operate the required infrastructure, and drive the organisational change.

Our experience is built on years of working with and within high performance organisations globally. We operate on four distinct layers. Simultaneous, strategic implementation across these layers allows organisation to adapt and transform to the new multi-channel reality.

Break-even in three months. Guaranteed.

3R thinking generates substantial returns – both in the short and long term.

Immediately, 3R drives incremental revenue through cross-selling, up-selling and re-engagement offers. Long-term, deeper relationships (enabled by 3R) normally lead to lower attrition rates, higher advocacy rates and higher share of wallet.

We are so confident of it, that we will put our money where our mouths are: your digital transformation will break-even in three months, or we will refund our fees in full.

Digital Audit

The first step to a successful digital transformation is identifying problem areas. Our five minute Digital Audit tool allows you to go through a series of descriptive multiple choice questions – across all areas of business – in order to show you:
a) What best-in-class omni-channel marketing looks like in 21st century; and
b) How advanced is your organisation on the same dimensions

This knowledge will allow you to start planning what your digital transformation might look like – what should be your areas of focus, relative effort required and priorities.

We very often find that different parts of the same organisation have different views on the level of sophistication of company’s strategy & execution. If you would like to launch the survey across your organisation to see what range of opinions might exists and receive your results, please contact us directly.

  • Channel + Content

  • Design of a omni-channel customer journey
  • Implementation of data-driven physical in-store engagements with digital displays, Wi-Fi and beacons
  • Design of apps to create brand new ways of connecting with customers
  • Design of an email channel to improve open and response rates
  • Re-design of website channel to allow for personalised and targeted customer engagement
  • Data + Analytics

  • Creation of the 360° Customer View
  • Calculation of the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Behavioural segmentation of customer base and store network
  • Derivation of propensity algorithms (e.g. the Next-Best-Action for customers, Next-Product-To-Buy)
  • ROI driven design and prioritisation of promotional initiatives
  • Technology

  • Implementation of low cost/low capex technologies in a Platform-As-A-Service mode to drive quick commercial wins
  • Selection and implementation of Customer Relationship Management solutions
  • Selection and implementation of marketing automation solutions
  • Organisation

  • Redesign of the marketing and sales process to be more agile, responsive and customer-centric
  • Creation of Real Time Retail processes and oragnisational structure
  • Creation of cross-functional war-rooms
  • Implementation of visual management techniques

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We help our clients undergo end-to-end transformations across the spectrum of strategy, tactics and implementation.

We begin with the co-development of a strategic roadmap addressing organisational needs, uplift opportunities and available assets. The Harris Partners team then works side-by-side with members of your team to fully implement every aspect of the roadmap.

We pride ourselves on designing transformations that roll out with a break-even period of just three months. We are also open to creative pricing arrangements that incorporate a blend of fee-for-service and share-of-upside structures – this aligns our incentives and allow your business to further reduce the payback period of your investment.

What’s Your Excuse?

  • Our role in working with your organisation is beyond simple setting up a strategy and helping you with execution. We will also improve the skills and capabilities of your teams through operating jointly as a cross-functional team.
  • True – but only if you want to tackle ALL of it at the same time. You can make rapid improvements by collecting only the most crucial knowledge of your customers, and acting on them in isolation to drive value.
  • There are plenty of things you can test using your current systems. For example, you can try manual workarounds that you only scale using technology once you know they are working. Also – leveraging the right set of vendors and partners in a “Platform-as-a-Service” model can greatly accelerate the transition.
  • You may need to have a deep look into the efficiency of the processes you currently have in place. We normally find that creating process-transparency, we can drive accountability and improve efficiency. That efficiency can then free up resources to enable a digital transformation.
  • Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." We have seen giants of the industry move quickly, when appropriate processes were put in place and supported by senior executives.