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Blockchain: It’s much more than Bitcoin

This presentation (originally done for an event that Harris Partners has organised with Bank of America Merril Lynch in March 2016) covers basics of blockchain (definitions, features, establishing consensus, public key cryptography, public vs. private blockchains, permissionless vs. permissioned blockchains), as well as descriptions of Bitcoin, and other current use cases of the blockchain technology.

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Omni-channel: you’re probably screwing it up

A big part of digital transformations is creating omni-channel customer experiences. One of the confusions we often face when presenting to CEOs and other C-level executives (thankfully less often from CMOs…) is that they tend to think “omni-channel” as a concept is synonymous with “multi-channel”. This is a big mistake, and one that is likely Read more…

Marketing & Sales organizations in the age of digital transformation: combined, or separate

Someone from the hotel industry recently asked us about the organizational structure of the marketing, sales and revenue management teams: should those teams be combined, or run independently? Org design as communication architecture We love the way Ben Horowitz, one of the most successful venture capitalists in the Valley and an accomplished entrepreneur himself, talks about organization Read more…

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Restaurant groups must use their data better to deliver better customer experience

The ability to collect, synthesize and act on customer-level data is transforming customer experience across all service industries. We see retailers, travel companies and hotels moving toward omnichannel and data-driven approaches to customer experience. Yet the restaurant industry, an industry completely reliant on delivering high-quality customer experience, strangely lags behind in capturing and using data Read more…

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Case study: 7-Eleven digital transformation

This is a guest post by Mark Abay, Content Director at Ashton Media. The article covers the case study of a digital transformation supported by Harris Partners which was presented at the Data Strategy Symposium in November 2015 by Stephen Eyers, Head of Strategy and Innovation at 7-Eleven. It was originally published on Ashton Media website.  Read more…

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Why marketers must transform their teams, not just their technology

Much attention has focused over recent years on how new technology and data tools fundamentally change the way brands communicate with their customers. We see the “art of possibility” painted in a series of one-to-one engagements between brands and consumers through an omnichannel digital experience, backed by advanced analytics, and tied to a measurable return Read more…

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